eurythmics live concert

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.wp-pagenavi a, .wp-pagenavi span, #head-carousel .carousel-button a:hover, Missionary Man 3. .header-channel .subs-button.subscribed .subs-row .subs-cell a{ Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. .pathway a:hover, .dark-div .pathway a:hover, },,,,,, .cactus-video-list-content .control-down:hover, #control-stage-carousel .control-up:hover, .tp-button.tm_button{background-color: #ffffff; background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, from(#ffffff), to(#105f7c6));background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #ffffff, #105f7c6); background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #ffffff, #105f7c6); background-image: -ms-linear-gradient(top, #ffffff, #105f7c6); background-image: -o-linear-gradient(top, #ffffff, #105f7c6); background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, #ffffff, #105f7c6);filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(GradientType=0,startColorstr=#ffffff,endColorstr=#105f7c6)} .widget_revslider .tp-bullets.simplebullets.round .bullet.selected{background:#ffffff} .widget.widget-border.widget_nav_menu .menu .menu-item ul li a:hover, .dark-div .navbar-toggle, .dark-div .topnav-light .navbar-toggle, .headline .htitle h4, .woocommerce .star-rating span, .woocommerce-page .star-rating span, Ambitious, uncompromising and always inventive, Eurythmics has been a seminal influence in music for nearly three decades. Seattle concerts Seattle concerts See all Seattle concerts (Change location) Most of the expected numbers are performed, along with some album cuts that should please the die-hard fans. .woocommerce #content div.product form.cart .button, .woocommerce div.product form.cart .button, .woocommerce-page #content div.product form.cart .button, .woocommerce-page div.product form.cart .button .channel-list .subs-button .subs-row .subs-cell > span.subscribe-counter, .status, .compare-table-tm .compare-table-column .compare-table-row.row-first{ background-color:#ffffff; border:1px solid #ffffff;} #slider .video_slider .carousel-pagination a.selected, .cactus-sub-wrap .entry-title a{ #body-wrap, .boxed-mode #body-wrap{ #top-nav.topnav-light .main-menu .nav > li > a:hover, The Sydney concert at the Entertainment Centre on February 14, 1987 was officially released on various video formats (VHS, Laserdisc, DVD). .register-section h4, List of all Eurythmics tour dates and concert history. .shortcode-asf .asf-tags .search_tags a:hover,,,,,,, background:#ffffff; .widget.woocommerce ul li a:hover, .preview-mode .video-item h3 a:hover, Annie Lennox. .dark-div .light-div button, .woocommerce p.stars a:hover, .woocommerce-page p.stars a:hover, #head-carousel #metro-carousel .video-item > .video-item { EURYTHMICS LIVE. Footage (UK PAL LaserDisc edition) is remastered with my own video denoise & coloring script (“frame by frame” technique), digital 16bit/48kHz sound […], Eurythmics on their world Revival Tour in 1989. .player-button a:hover, .woocommerce #payment #place_order, .woocommerce-page #payment #place_order{background:#ffffff;} #head-carousel #metro-carousel .video-item .item-thumbnail img { .wpb_animate_when_almost_visible { opacity: 1; }, Eurythmics – ‘Here Comes the rain Again’ Live #eurythmics, Eurythmics Live is a concert video by Eurythmics, filmed during their Revenge Tour at Sydney Entertainment Centre in Sydney on 14 February 1987. .woocommerce ul.products li.product .onsale, .woocommerce-page ul.products li.product .onsale, TV-show Rockpolitik by Adriano Celentano. Stereo Digital Sound- Laserdisc Edition. From the album Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (1983). input[type='password']:focus, .headline .htitle marquee a, .wpb_accordion .wpb_accordion_wrapper .wpb_accordion_header.ui-accordion-header-active:before, .bordercolor2, .bordercolor2hover:hover, .woocommerce table.shop_table thead, .woocommerce-page table.shop_table thead, .tooltipster-content .gv-title, .woocommerce .widget_price_filter .ui-slider .ui-slider-handle, .woocommerce-page .widget_price_filter .ui-slider .ui-slider-handle, Celebrated as in an innovator, an icon, and a symbol of enduring excellence. .wpb_accordion .wpb_accordion_wrapper .wpb_accordion_header.ui-accordion-header-active a, .related-title, ``Eurythmics Live,`` a 1 1/2-hour concert film featuring the pop group Eurythmics, will have its Chicago premiere Wednesday through March 26 at the Music … a.maincolor1hover:hover, width: 533.33333333333px; .maincolor1hover:hover, .icon-checklist li i, #membership-wrapper div.topbar{background-color: #ffffff !important;} Here Comes the Rain Again; Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) ... 719 people have seen Eurythmics live. Lennox studied music from an early age and attended the Royal Academy of Music, where she played in several bands before joining Dave Stewart to form the synth-pop group, Eurythmics. .shortcode-asf .asf-tags .search_tags a.filtered, I Want It All 2. .status, color: #ffffff; .amazing .slide .ct-btn, .classy-carousel-horizon #stage-carousel .video-item .ct-btn, .main-menu .nav > li:hover > a, Eurythmics Live Eurythmics perform live, 2019. CREDIT: Getty Eurythmics performed together for the first time in five years during Sting ‘s benefit concert in New York last night (December 9). Eurythmics perform When Tomorrow Comes at the concert to celebrate the 70th birthday of Nelson Mandela at Wembley Stadium in 1988. .tm_widget_most_viewed_entries ul, .shipping_calculator h2 a, .carousel-pagination a:hover, View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1987 VHS release of Live on Discogs. } .buddypress #buddypress div.item-list-tabs ul li a:hover, Possibly out of artistic pretense or the desire to upstage the Talking Heads film "Stop Making Sense," there are a series of curious insert shots placed throughout the concert that seem to come out of nowhere--pay close attention to the conclusion of one of the numbers, "Let's Go," at which point the director inserts a fleeting glimpse of backup singer Joniece Jamison clutching a (live?) h2{font-size:22px; } .pull-right{color: #ffffff !important;} Eurythmics at Rock for the Rainforest 2019. } .boxed-icon .boxed-item .heading,.boxed-icon .boxed-item .ic_st2, #top-carousel.full-more a.maincolor1:hover, .cactus-listing-config .load-more:focus{ #top-nav .dropdown-menu li>a:before, .dark-div input[type='text']:focus, .headline .htitle .scroll-text ul li p:hover,.headline .htitle .hicon .first-tex, header .video-item h3 a:hover, .video-item .item-author, Also notable as a recorded document of Annie's legendary "red bra", which she appears in for the encore. .wpfp-link[href^="?wpfpaction=remove"]:before, .wpfp-link:hover, } .btn-playall, .btn-playall:focus, .dark-div input[type='password']:focus, Directed by Derek Burbidge. .status:before, select:focus, When Tomorrow Comes 5. .mashmenu .columns .list a:hover, ul li:before, input[type='number']:focus, Live In Sidney, Australia – Revenge Tour 1987. .cactus-video-list-content .control-up:hover, .cactus-video-list-content .control-down:hover, .cactus-listing-heading h1{ border-color:#ffffff; This event has been added to your Plans. } .wpb_accordion h3.ui-accordion-header-active, Bottom line, an absolute steal at just over $16 in that you get both the CD (audio) AND a DVD of the concert! .widget_tm_mostlikedpostswidget ul, .dark-form .form-control:focus, input[type='url']:focus, Watch live streams, get artist updates, buy tickets, and RSVP to shows with Bandsintown. .video-item .item-content, .item-head h3, .item-head h3 a, #tm_recentcomments .tm_recentcomments .info_rc a:hover, .widget_revslider .tp-bullets.simplebullets.round .bullet:hover{background:#ffffff} .dark-form .input-group:hover .input-group-btn .btn-default, $16 and a bit of change for a CD and DVD of a concert that has been "out of print" since it was released on VHS. } .buddypress #buddypress button, .buddypress #buddypress a.button, .buddypress #buddypress input[type=submit], .buddypress #buddypress input[type=button], .buddypress #buddypress input[type=reset], .buddypress #buddypress ul.button-nav li a, .buddypress #buddypress div.generic-button a, .buddypress #buddypress .comment-reply-link, .buddypress a.bp-title-button, .widget.widget-border.widget_nav_menu .menu li.current-menu-item > a, .comment-content p, .comment-meta cite, .comment-meta cite a, height: 150px; snake instead of her microphone.The material spans Eurythmics career between "Sweet Dreams (1982)" and "Revenge (1987)". I Love You Like a Ball and Chain (Peacetour Live) Peace Is Just a Word (Peacetour Live) 17 Again (Peacetour Live) Homepage, Eurythmics perform Sweet Dreams live in 1987 as part of the Revenge tour. They perform live the songs “The First Cut”, “Here Comes The Rain Again” & “Right By Your Side”. .bordercolor1hover:hover, #classy-carousel #top-carousel .video-item.selected .item-thumbnail .item-head{ #top-carousel.inbox-more .bgcolor1hover:hover, #control-stage-carousel .video-item:hover, .tmr-head h3,.tmr-stars,.tmr-final, a.bgcolor1hover:hover, .dark-div select:focus, Eurythmics Live is a concert video by Eurythmics, filmed during their Revenge Tour at Sydney Entertainment Centre in Sydney on 14 February 1987. .dark-div .maincolor2hover:hover, body, #head-carousel .carousel-button a, #head-carousel .carousel-button a { Live ’87 Sydney, Eurythmics Live By Request Talk with David Bowie, Eurythmics – Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves (Live), Eurythmics – Live in Sydney (Revenge Tour 1987), HQ remastered by Grunf, Eurythmics – Live By Request – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), Eurythmics – When The Day Goes Down (Live Acoustic Wogan 1989), Eurythmics – Would I Lie To You (Live 1987), Eurythmics – The First Cut, Here Comes The Rain Again, Right By Your Side (Live On The Tube 1983), Eurythmics – When Tomorrow Comes (Live At Mandela Concert 1988),,,,, .bordercolor1, .bgcolor1, } .carousel-dotted a.selected, .carousel-dotted a:hover, Eurythmics concert tickets are on sale. .dark-div a.bgcolor1hover:hover{color: #000;} .solid-noborder .widget-title, .member .member-info .member-social a.icon-social:hover, color:#ffffff;,,,,,, height: 300px; background-color:#000000; .woocommerce-checkout .woocommerce .woocommerce-info a:focus, .heading-shortcode .module-title * {color:#ffffff;} .woocommerce-page table.cart input.checkout-button.button{background:#ffffff !important;} Track listing: 1. img#wpstats{display:none} Midway during Here Comes The Rain Again a helicopter overhead becomes too loud to continue but once it’s gone Annie & Dave come back […], Another song from Eurythmics’ Live ’87 in Sydney, live grammy performance of Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics, "), originally played during the concert, were edited out of the video. .woocommerce .products .star-rating, .woocommerce-page .products .star-rating, .amazing .rating-bar.bgcolor2, input[type='text']:focus, .pull-right{color: #ffffff !important;} .watch-action .action-unlike a:hover, @@@ This is a LaserDisc This is Not a DVD A Laserdisc needs to be played on a Laserdisc player It will not play on a DVD player . All proceeds from the tour went to Greenpeace & Amnesty International. border-color:#ffffff; .widget.widget-border.widget_nav_menu .menu .menu-item:before{ EURYTHMICS/1983-1989: Propelled by the impenetrable blue eyed soul bleat of ANNIE LENNOX (hands down the era's most captivating front woman, both visually and vocally) and partner in crime DAVE STEWART's jangly guitar excursions, EURYTHMICS LIVE documents an ensemble at … Annie Lennox is one of the finest and most outstanding musical voices of our time, as well as a prolific campaigner and activist for Global Feminism. .dark-div a:hover, 2005. button, .woocommerce .cart-collaterals .cart_totals h2, .woocommerce-page .cart-collaterals .cart_totals h2, Stewart and Lennox were both previously in the bands The Catch and The Tourists. There are thousands and thousands of images and pages to explore inside the Ultimate Eurythmics Website. h3,.cactus-widget-posts .widget-posts-title{font-size:17.5px; } .tooltipster-base .gv-button .quick-view, #bottom .widget.PI_SimpleTwitterTweets ul li:hover:before, Visit's Eurythmics Store to shop for Eurythmics Live Concert Recordings on CDs, DVDs, MP3s and MP4s. Search for "Eurythmics Live" on, Title: height: 300px; The one stop place for fans of Eurythmics, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart to explore their 40 year careers from their music, their concerts, the records, and … .top_authors_widget .tm_top_author ul li .tm_img2 a:hover, From the album Be Yourself Tonight (1985). border-color:#ffffff !important; .wp-pagenavi a:hover, .wp-pagenavi .current, .cactus-listing-config .load-more:hover{ Use the HTML below. .cactus-new-feed .subs-button:not(.subscribed) .subs-row .subs-cell > span.subscribe-counter{ .is-carousel.simple-carousel.testimonial .name.pos, #top-nav .dropdown-menu>li>a:hover,,,,,,,, #control-stage-carousel .control-down:hover, background-color: #ffffff; Homepage .watch-action .action-like a:hover, Introduced by David Bowie. #top-nav .dropdown-menu>li>a:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form textarea:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=text]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=text]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=color]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=date]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=datetime]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=datetime-local]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=email]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=month]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=number]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=range]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=search]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=tel]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=time]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=url]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=week]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form select:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .standard-form input[type=password]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .dir-search input[type=search]:focus, .buddypress #buddypress .dir-search input[type=text]:focus, Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin reveals how she felt the first time she ever saw a deaf actress on television and discusses the importance of authentic representation on screen. View production, box office, & company info. .advanced_trending_videos_widget .rt-article-title a, .advanced_popular_videos_widget .rt-article-title a, .wp-pagenavi .current, .status, h1{font-size:30px; } The duo released eight studio albums, a live album, and two compilation albums. .dark-form .input-group:hover .form-control:focus, Artist: Eurythmics, Venue: Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA. .woocommerce p.stars, .woocommerce-page p.stars, Peacetour is a live concert video by the British pop/rock duo Eurythmics released on 20 June 2000 on VHS and DVD.It is a recording of the band's concert at London Docklands Arena on 6 December 1999, which was the final show of their 24-date world "Peace Tour". .player-button .prev-post.same-cat a:hover, } .maincolor1, a.maincolor1, A movie presentation of a concert filmed in Australia on the Eurythmics 1987 'Revenge' tour. .cactus-listing-config .load-more {font-size: 13px; } .headline-content .headline .htitle .scroll-text ul li a:hover, Homepage, Eurythmics live at a concert in Seattle. Eurythmics Live is a live concert video by the British pop/rock duo Eurythmics, filmed during their Revenge Tour at Sydney Entertainment Centre in Sydney, Australia on 14 February 1987. .widget_tm_mostlikedpostswidget ul li a:hover, } width: 533.33333333333px; #top-nav.topnav-light .main-menu li.current-menu-item > a, The concert showcases songs from the “Revenge” album as well as their previous hits from 1983-1986. This extraordinary video features in-concert performances from 1983, conceptual video clips and animation woven together in a fabulous "album" highlighting Eurythmics international smash hit "Sweet Dreams" and more. .topnav-light .headline-content.col-md-6 .headline .htitle .scroll-text ul li a:hover,,,,,,,, .video-item h2 a:hover, .video-item h3 a:hover, View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2011 DVD release of Live on Discogs. #account-form div.formleft table.form-table tbody tr td input:focus, Was this review helpful to you? .light-title, .cactus-video-list-content .control-up:hover, Eurythmics’ live video album and concept from 1987. Dec 9 2019. .dark-div textarea:focus, Eurythmics Live is a concert film from the Revenge Tour stop at Sydney Entertainment Centre in Sydney, Australia on 14 February 1987 and released to home video in 1987.. .mashmenu .menu li.level0:hover .sub-channel li.hover a, .headline .htitle .scroll-text ul li a, #bottom .widget ul li:before, With Eurythmics, David A. Stewart, Annie Lennox, Pete Phipps.,, EURYTHMICS – The Miracle of Love (live 1987), Eurythmics It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back) Live 1987, Eurythmics – Live By Request – There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart), Eurythmics – It’s Alright Baby’s Comin’ Back (Live In Paris), Eurythmics – Live In Rome 1989 (Full Concert), Eurythmics – AMA 2005 – Medley For Ultimate Collection (Live), Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again/Ball & Chain/Sweet Dreams (medley), Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again (Live At Mandela Concert 1988), Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). One of the best concert albums ever (and certainly so if you are a Eurythmics fan). .widget.widget-border.widget_nav_menu .menu .menu-item a:hover, Directed by Geoff Wonfor. .dark-div .topnav-light .navbar-toggle:hover, I Saved […], Eurythmics perform an acoustic version of When The Day Goes Down from the album We Too Are One on the Wogan show in 1989. Buy Eurythmics tickets from the official site. #account-form div.formleft table.form-table tbody tr td select:focus, #account-form div.formleft .button-primary, The Eurythmics Revenge Tour was their most ambitious tour that saw them travelling to all corners of the world.

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